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The Evolution of Your Goodbyes
2014 Glass Woman Prize Finalist
April 2014

The Evolution of Your Goodbyes
Saying Goodbye to the People, Places, and Things in Our Lives ~ October 11, 2010
Touch: The Journal of Healing ~ September 2012

I Call That Fun
A Coupling Department Essay
The Boston Globe Magazine
August 8, 2010

A Patch of Blue Sky   
Caring for a loved one who suffers from depression
Now What? ~ April 30, 2010
Seek the Abundant Life ~ December 28, 2008

The Little Green Meadow
and Other Alternate Realities that Keep Us Sane
A lighthearted look at the homeschooling life
The WAHM Magazine
July/August 2008

At Last: A Diagnosis After Years of Suffering
Lifeglow ~ March/April 2008
Connected ~ May 2007

An Unveiling Haze
Seek the Abundant Life
February 13, 1994

I Remember: Wavering Faith
Seek the Abundant Life
May 16, 1993

Articles for Adults

Five Fab Gifts that Won't Frazzle Your Budget   
The Dollar Stretcher
November 2010

Encourage Discerning Young Readers
tips on running a church library
Church Libraries Journal
Winter 2010

Keep Them Coming Back
tips on running a church library
Church Libraries
Winter 2008-2009

The Lost at Your Doorstep
Use Halloween as an outreach opportunity
Proverbs 31 Ministries
October 2008

Launch a Library Program to Encourage
Discerning Young Readers
Youth and Christian Education Leadership ~ Winter 2007-08
Kids’ Ministry Ideas ~ January – March 2003

Young Adult Fiction

How Wonderful
Encounter-The Magazine
December 18, 2011

Deep Water   
Flash fiction told in all-dialogue format
Every Day Fiction
July 5, 2011

Underneath the Juniper Tree
June 1, 2011

Burning Questions
Encounter - The Magazine
November 21, 2010

Fistful of Stars
Encounter - The Magazine
October 3, 2010

All the Difference in the World
Encounter - The Magazine
November 29, 2009

Silent Nights
Encounter - The Magazine
August 24, 2008

All the Difference In the World
Real Time
March 21, 1999

He Makes the Sun Shine
Teen Power
November 28, 1993

A Ray Beyond the Darkness
June 6, 1993

It’s Not the End of the World
April 11, 1993

Shattered Hearts
February 15, 1992

Joint Effort
February 1, 1992

Fitting In
Teen Power
January 19, 1992

Young Adult Non-Fiction

Six Degrees
Insight ~ September 7, 2013
Encounter - The Magazine ~ May 23, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods
Ten Strategies for Outmaneuvering Motion Sickness
Vibrant Life
November/December 2011

Clean Up For Some Cash
SUSIE Magazine
March 2011

On Second Thought
Encounter - The Magazine
September 19, 2010

Christmas Every Day
My daughters' involvement with Operation Christmas Child
SUSIE Magazine ~ August 2010
Relate ~ Summer 2009

Shhh! It's a Secret   
Encounter - The Magazine
March 7, 2010

I'm Fine, Really
Insight ~ March 6, 2010
Encounter - The Magazine ~ July 12, 2009

Girls on a Mission
My daughter's missions trip experience
Encounter - The Magazine
November 15, 2009

Poured Out for Me
November/December 2008

23 Ways to Change the Future:
Earth Saving Tips for Every Day
Summer Break 2008

Are You a Packrat?
a quiz
Summer Break 2008

Turning Point
April 2007

Choosing the Perfect Prom Date or
Avoiding Mr. Potato Head
Relate Magazine
March 2007

The Moment After
A Teens- On- The- Street- Interview
High School I.D.
March/April/May 1993

Articles on Writing

Write Your Own Rejections for Marketing Success
The Institute of Children's Literature ~ September 6, 2012

Playing by the Rules
WritingKid Newsletter
August 17, 2012

Marketing Insights from an Eighteenth Century Protagonist
    The Institute of Children's Literature ~ December 22, 2011
Author Magazine ~ April 2011

Boost Your Creativity, Boost Your Bottom Line   
Writing for Dollars
August 30, 2011

Music as Muse
WritingKid Newsletter
August 19, 2011

A Music Lover's Guide to Writing
WritingKid Newsletter
April 30, 2011

Without Boundaries: Selling to International Markets
The Institute of Children's Literature ~ April 2011
Funds for Writers ~ April 23, 2010

No Fail Non-Fiction
The Institute of Children's Literature
January 2011

Did the Mailman Come Yet?
December 24, 2010

Most Talkative. Not
November 14, 2010

Squirrels in the Attic, Soda Pop on the Ceiling:
Surprising Reasons Why I Must Write
The Institute of Children's Literature ~ November 11, 2010
KidMagWriters ~ December 1, 2009

Circles, Lines, and Other Story Forms Borrowed from Tenth Grade Geometry
Long Ridge Writers Group
November 2010

Better than a Pocketful of Sea Glass
July 23, 2010

When Contest Fees Make Sense   
Writers Weekly
July 7, 2010

Becoming a Freelance Chameleon   
Words with Jam ~ June 2010
Funds for Writers ~ September 13, 2009

Don't Take No for an Answer: Submit Until it Sells
The Institute of Children's Literature ~ May 20, 2010
Funds for Writers ~ May 10, 2009

Break Out of Your Shell Without Leaving Your Computer Chair
Cross & Quill ~ May/June 2010
The Institute of Children's Literature ~ October 2007

Time Management for the Unmanageable
The Institute of Children's Literature
April 1, 2010

Write for Teens, are You Serious?
Funds for Writers
March 14, 2010

Sample Query Letter
Magazine Markets for Children's Writers 2010
Writer's Institute Publications
January 2010

If Memory Serves
Writing for Children's Magazines ~ June 2012
FellowScript ~ November 2009
The Institute of Children's Literature ~ August 2007

Second Guessing the Muse
Writer's Weekly
October 14, 2009

Secret Life
Writing Kid Newsletter
August 23, 2009

Write for Teens, are Your Serious?   
Writer's Weekly
August 12, 2009

Don't Fall Head Over Heels on the First Draft
The Writer Within ~ July 1, 2009
Long Ridge Writers Group ~ June 2007

Turn Your Characters Inside Out
The Institute of Children's Literature
April 2009

From Hot Glue and Glitter to Money in Your Pocket:
How to Cash in on Crafts
Freelance Market News ~ March 2009
Funds for Writers Small Markets ~ September 7, 2008
Writers Weekly ~ May 21, 2008

Find Your Audience
Writing Kid Newsletter
February 6, 2009

Writing for Teens: Let Emotions Run High
Cross & Quill ~ November/December 2008
Spirit-Led Writer ~ March/April 2008
Write-from-Home ~ November 2007
The Institute of Children’s Literature ~ July 21, 2006

Hanging by a Moment:
Using Chapter Titles to Lure Readers Through Your Story
The New Writer ~ May/June 2009
Institute of Children's Literature ~ April 2008

Time Management for the Unmanageable
Absolute Write Newsletter ~ October 7, 2007
The WAHM Magazine ~ January 5, 2008

To Write Successfully for Young Readers
Get in Touch with the Child in You
Cross & Quill
November/December 2006

Poetry & Artwork

Blink of an Eye   
prose poem
Camroc Press Review
October 10, 2012

Familiar Waters   
acrylic painting
Touch: The Journal of Healing
September 2012

poem and artwork
The Freight Collective
November 25, 2011

They Met By Chance
Every Day Poets
October 17, 2011

Every Day Poets
September 27, 2011

poem and artwork
The Writer's Eye
February 25, 2011

Tiny Flakes   
prose poem
Camroc Press Review ~ October 17, 2010
The Writer's Eye ~ July/August 2009

Held Close
poem and artwork
The Writer's Eye
January/February 2009

Stir the Night
poem and artwork
The Writer's Eye

Flash Fiction

The Wigleaf Top 50 (Very) Short Fictions of 2014
May 31, 2014

September 30, 2013

Apple Season   
Every Day Fiction
March 12, 2012

Special Delivery
Romance Flash
March 2012

Metro Fiction
December 16, 2012

A Geronimo Autumn   
Every Day Fiction
December 1, 2012

Easy Lies   
May 19, 2012

Falling Star Magazine
Spring 2012

Dinner Plans   
Every Day Fiction
November 24, 2011

Meet Me at Woman Hollering Creek   
Every Day Fiction
August 28, 2011

Survival of the Fittest
June 19, 2011

Daddy's Girl   
Every Day Fiction
June 18, 2011

Staccato Fiction
June 9, 2011

Boston Literary Magazine
Summer 2011

Boston Literary Magazine
Summer 2011

Brush Strokes   
The Best of Every Day Fiction Three
May 2011

Silent Witness   
Every Day Fiction
May 7, 2011

Golden Visions
Spring 2011

The Girl with the Tattooed Eyebrows   
Flash fiction told in all-dialogue format
March 26, 2011

March 13, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures
Moon Washed Kisses
January 2011

Brush Strokes   
Every Day Fiction
June 19, 2010

Whispers & Laughter   
Camroc Press Review
March 24, 2010

In Ink   
2009 Lyrical Passion Poetry Microfiction Contest Second Place Winner
March 2010

Every Day Fiction
January 17, 2010

Below the Surface
Bound Off
November 15, 2009

Under the Porch Light
Patchwork Path: Friendship Star

Momma's Not Going to be Happy
Summer 2009

Better Off Dead
fiction and artwork
The Writer's Eye
May/June 2009

Articles on Homeschooling

The Six R's:
When Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic Meet Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
Back Home ~ September/October 2011
Home Education Magazine ~ July/August 2009

Seven Simple Ways to Stretch Your Homeschooling Budget
Homeschooling Today
January/February 2011

Let Learning Happen
Living for the Whole Family
Summer 2010

Ten Special Days for Fun and Learning
Back Home ~ January/February 2010
Home Education Magazine ~ September/October 2009
Homeschooling Today! ~ November/December 2007

Relax! Let Learning Happen
Back Home ~ November/December 2008
Simple Joy ~ July 2007

Home Learning Activities   
The Dollar Stretcher
November 16, 2006

Shopping for Ideas: A Budget-Friendly Guide
To Creative Learning Activities
At-Home Mother
November 1, 2000

Middle Grade Fiction

Me and My Big Mouth
JAKES Magazine
Fall 2009

Thanks for Nothing
Shine Brightly
November 2009

Here Comes Spring
Shine Brightly
March 2009

Wouldn't It Be Cool?
June 2008

Confidence Level: Zero
Shine Brightly ~ April 2007
Power & Light ~ January 1, 1995

Lost Cause
December 1995

Middle Grade Non-Fiction

Are Your a Clutter Bug?
A Quiz
SHINE Brightly
April 2011

A Gift Fit for the King
Kid Zone
December 2009

Totem Poles: An Ancient Alaskan Art
article and craft project
January 2009

Amy Gull Can Save the Earth and So Can You!
April 2001

A Fish of a Different Color
Good Reading for Everyone
October 1991

Rebus for Pre-Readers

A Big Dinner for Little Mouse
March 2010

DIY Craft Projects

Paper Roll Puzzles   
April 2012

Pencil Desk Caddies   
April 2012

Paper Cup Easter Baskets   
April 2012

Terracotta Easter Critters   
April 2012

Milk Jug Easter Basket   
April 2012

Evergreen Wreath   
December 2011

Paper Cup Christmas Penguin   
December 2011

Recycled CD Advent Calendar   
December 2011

Halloween Treat Bags   
November 2011

Halloween Bats   
November 2011

Recycled Bottle Cap Pocket Mirrors   
April 2011

Tyler the Toaster
February 2011

Mini Sogo Drum
Around the World craft project
February 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Favor   
February 2011

Recycled Jeans Valentine Pouch   
February 2011

Penguin Bowling Buddies
Literature Lift Off craft project
December 2010

Milk-Cap Magnets
November 2010

Breezy Blooms Flower Curtain
SHINE Brightly
November 2010

Blossom Wands
November 2010

Crepe Paper Owls
November 2010

Jack-o-Lantern Favor Bags
Living a Better Life
October 2010

Tic Tac Pop
April 2010

Bat Friends
October 2009

Refashion Your Reading
Back-to-School 2008

Firecracker Centerpiece
July 2008

Message Magnets
July 2008

Sparkling CD Curtains
Guideposts Sweet 16
July 2007